Industrial Ovens

Perceptive Industries helped my manufacturing business save thousands of dollars per year. This has been going on since 2005, so almost 7 years now. Since we had our new cure ovens installed, we have come back to Perceptive Industries for tempering ovens and aging ovens as well, because we can trust that we will get a quality product and a quality understanding of what our products do. Perceptive Industries enabled us to make more money with better thermal technology, which means less wasted energy and heat, more efficient internal operations. I’m very pleased with the whole thing, because it’s scary to invest in a cure oven, something that costs a lot more than simple office supplies, for example. Perceptive Industries is reasonably priced, but still, something like an aging oven is a lot of money! But I went for it, and my relationship with the guys at Perceptive Industries has been like no other. They help me keep my cure oven, tempering oven, and aging ovens up to snuff, even years after they installed them. I am so thankful for how kind and willing they are to continue assisting me. Without Perceptive Industries, we probably still would have been using that old cure oven that was just falling apart as you looked at it! Thank goodness we’ve moved up in the world.


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