Heat Recovery Systems

This blog will take a look at a specific case study pertaining to our work at Perceptive Industries, Inc. We worked with a snack bakery in applying a waste heat recovery system. The results are indicative of the performance and expectations you can have if you were to enlist Perceptive Industries in applying one of these heat recovery systems to your own business in the future.

            We installed a Heat Recovery System on a snack food process oven line. The recovery heat was to be used to heat both process liquids for a coating on the factory’s product, as well as for heating plant water.  After our assessments, we found that the project qualified for an energy efficiency rebate of $25,000, with an estimated annual energy savings of over $55,000. Certainly the economic implications are becoming clear. The entire project was to be completed in a bit over 2 years.

The snack food manufacturer was taking measures to dramatically reduce energy use in its productions, and thus enlisted Perceptive Industries to assess the situation and then install a waste heat recovery system. We found that this waste heat would come from the exhaust stacks from a natural gas baking system, which was discharging over 2 MM btu/hour of waste energy. This was harness-able and usable!

Perceptive Industries then worked with the snack food manufacturer’s energy team to brainstorm all of the possible uses for the recovered heat. We came up with practical applications that would reduce costs significantly. There were even certain byproducts of the heat recovery system that made cleaning operations more efficient as well. The manufacturer remains pleased with the decision to optimize its energy use through Perceptive Industries. That is just one example of what is possible with waste heat recovery systems.


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