Heat Recovery Systems Efficiency with Energy

Heat Recovery SystemAt Perceptive Industries, we have helped many different companies improve their efficiency with energy through the installation of one of our waste heat recovery systems. In this blog, you can see a more specific look at one company we worked with, a snack food bakery.

                This bakery was using a lot of energy on its process oven line for its products. We did an analysis of their situation and determined that the heat recovery system would be used to heat liquids that were a coating on the factory’s products, as well as for heating the bakery’s water.

                The energy that was saved was amazing, with an estimated yearly savings of $55,000! This project took Perceptive Industries about two years to complete, and after that, the bakery was on its own, continually saving money without having to do anything, as all of the Heat Recovery Systems were in place.

                What we do at Perceptive Industries is come into your business and assesses your operations. If you’re looking to cut out energy usage, we will scan the production line for ways that heat and energy can be harnessed again and directed back to other parts of your production line. We work with you, as we worked with the snack food bakery, to discuss the best ways for your recovered heat to be used, so that we save the most money for the business. There is a cost and payback analysis that we always do, as well, which will help us prioritize which parts of the business need the heat recovery system’s energy first, and then where the remainder of the energy can be directed.


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