Heat Recovery Systems- Environmental and Economic Gains

Waste Heat RecoveryThis blog will be a continuation of the different types of heat recovery systems that are available to consumers in houses and businesses, industry, and production lines. In a past blog, we focused mostly on home ventilation systems that save heat and redirect waste energy to be used. Perceptive Industries always seeks to be adept and attentive to all possibilities for a given situation, so that heat recovery is always optimized and money is always saved.

                There are other heat recovery systems apart from those which take heat from exhaust or steam. Environmental savings can be great when you start expanding beyond just this steam realm alone. Think about all of the hot water you use in a day, and then all of the hot water your family uses as well. It’s a lot! The heat in the water just goes down the drain, however, and it is lost. You have to expend energy on water heat that is wasted. So with a drain water heat recovery system, you can start harnessing your waste heat from the water.

                These Heat Recovery Systems can be added to many different types of faucets, fixtures, and plumbing that already exists in your home or business. The heat can be recovered from showers, sinks, dishwashers, and clothes washers—among other relevant places. They can store this energy until it is ready to be used and directed. These waste heat recovery systems are intelligent and also provide new, clean water because it functions with a large tank which warms the clean water with the heat of the used water.

                With these options on the table, you have doors opened and environmental and economic gains to enjoy.


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