Catalytic Oxidizers Michigan

We have talked in the past about regenerative thermal oxidizers, which help destroy air pollutants from companies who need ventilation in their production lines, which thus produce a lot of exhaust. The oxidizer intervenes and is able to remove air toxins as well as to preheat an incoming gas stream which helps your business run more smoothly and cost-effectively. But at Perceptive Industries, we also offer what is called a catalytic oxidizer, which this blog will focus on.

                What is a Catalytic Oxidizer, anyway?  The catalytic oxidizer combines the production of random and honeycomb block catalysts, along with fixed bed technology and integrated tube or plate heat exchangers. It will destroy contaminants and pollutants from exhaust at lower temperatures than regenerative thermal oxidizers, at ranges of 260°C (500°F) to 345°C (650°F).

                What is a catalyst? You may ask, however. Catalysts are agents included in a process or reaction that speed or slow—alter—the natural rate of the reaction or process. They help to control things when otherwise the process would go as it will. The catalysts in these oxidizers allow the process of removing contaminants to be smoother and more effective. These agents are not used up in the reaction, either, so they are able to continue doing good work for your business through many cycles of exhaust release.

                Perceptive Industries will ensure that you are able to choose the right equipment and system for your company. We are open to discussion, assessment, and installation—of course—of the system that will suit your needs and maximize your capabilities.


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