Heat Recovery Systems in Michigan

What are Heat Recovery Systems? Where are they applicable? In this blog from Perceptive Industries, you’ll be able to learn some of the uses for great heat recovery systems that we offer here at our company. Many people may not even realize that they can receive benefits right now from installing a heat recovery system into their business or industrial line.

                These systems, in essence, are just ventilators that will help to move heat and then re-harness it so that it can be used again. Often the system will gather or store the heat and then deliver it to another area of a business/industrial line, so that it can be quickly used again to preheat incoming materials that need heat. In water systems, for example, these can work really well. Rather than having your water boiler have to heat up cold water each time the hot water faucet is used, from a basic cold state, the heat recovery system will be something that has captured the already hot water (used) and then channeled it to a place where it will preheat more water in the boiler so that less energy is used in the process. You save money and the water is hotter, faster.

                What’s amazing is that even with large industrial applications, you’ll be able to harness steam or heat that comes off in what would appear to be elusive forms. The systems simply work to capture and redirect the energy of the heat so that it is usable to heat up something else that will need heat. Some of the better systems and set ups will save up to 85% of outgoing heat from a process.


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