High Quality Regenerative Thermal Oxidizers in Michigan


Regenerative thermal oxidizers are very useful if you find a high-quality piece of equipment for your company. This blog will give you some information about these oxidizers and hopefully will guide you in making a good decision for you.

              These machines are also called RTOs. Their main purpose is to treat exhaust air that comes out of buildings that typically do a lot of production. It works on the heating and temperature of incoming and outgoing streams of gas, and it also helps to reduce air pollutants. The system works typically with a bed of ceramic material which will absorb the heat of the exhaust gas and then redirect it to preheat the incoming gas, at temperatures between 815 degrees Celsius and 950 degrees Celsius. The air pollutants are destroyed as well in this process, or at least they are significantly reduced.

                If your business is one that produces something requiring ventilation, then you’ll likely want to install a Regenerative Thermal Oxidizer. These industries requiring ventilation are typically things like painting fields, printing fields, and paper mills. There are biofilters and bioscrubbers that are alternatives to RTOs and work similarly, but more ecologically. Some businesses are required by law to have these oxidizers installed because of how much pollutants they reduce.

                With that in mind, hopefully you’re convinced that these are beneficial machines and can really improve your company’s efficiency as well as environmental ratings.



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