Pollution Control for Industry by Thermal Oxidizer

When it comes to pollution control for industry, it is important to have the right equipment.  Not only because compliance with regulation is vital, but also because responsible companies know that have had had their customers expected them to take the necessary measures to protect environmental health.  Perspective Industries has a line of equipment that allows companies to effectively meet these expectations.

                One of the most common pieces of equipment needed for manufacturing plants is a thermal oxidizer.  Oxidizers are used to remove particulate matter that can be harmful to human health or to the environment.  The oxidizer removes the target material before the air is expelled outside.  There are a variety of different oxidizers that we manufacture.  This includes thermal Regenerative Oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers, and oxidizer concentrator systems.

                Another important piece for sustainability and the health of the employees that work is the plant is air quality inside the plant.  We have designed buildings to be very well insulated and sealed but this also as the effect of no allowing air exchange.  A plant or factory must have a proper system for air exchange while maintaining the temperature in the building.  A heat recovery system is used to achieve this.  Perspective industries designs, engineers, and installs heat recovery systems that allow proper air exchange and can greatly reduce energy bills.

                We also offer a line of industrial ovens and dryers and we can rebuild, upgrade, and retrofit existing equipment.  Taking these important steps can help your company be environmentally sustainable, save money, and offer a healthy working environment.





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