Steps To Be Taken For Pollution Control and Environmental Sustainability

Pollution control, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are important for so many industries.  These are important because customers are beginning to demand companies be more environmentally friendly, government regulations impose some level of requirement, and putting these measures into place at a manufacturing plant can save money for the company.  Perceptive Industries manufactures equipment that can help companies achieve these goals.

                THERMAL OXIDIZERS are a vital piece of equipment for air pollution control and in many cases are required by regulation. We make a variety of thermal oxidizers for effective removal of harmful particulate matter.  Our line of oxidizers includes thermal regenerative oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers, oxidizer concentrator systems and recuperative thermal oxidizers.  This each has different pollution control targets and functions.

                Another important piece for improved sustainability is efficiency in air exchange.  Heat recovery systems allow plants to maintain the proper ventilation while maintaining the proper humidity and temperatures in the plant.  Perspective Industries makes a line of Heat Recovery Systems that can save a great deal on energy bills.  In order to create a proper system, the plant or factory is evaluated and a system is designed, engineered and installed specifically for the building.

                There are a variety of steps that a company can take to improve efficiency in addition to having these pieces of equipment.  Industrial ovens can also be replaced and updated for efficiency.  These steps all contribute to lower energy bills, less pollution, and a good working environment.  At perceptive industries we have the high quality equipment your need for sustainability in industry.





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