Manufacturing Processes of Perceptive Industries

Manufacturing is a huge part of our economy.  In addition to the plants and factories that produce the products and goods we buy, there are also companies that must produce the equipment that these factories use in the manufacturing process.  Perceptive Industries is a company that designs, engineers, and installs the many different pieces of equipment for factories and plants.

                One type of machinery that Perceptive Industries provides are conveyor ovens.  These are huge pieces of equipment that take the product on a conveyor belt through a long oven system.  These are not a one size fits all; they are very specific to the plant and the type of product being manufactured.  For example, an annealing oven is used for metals like copper or steel.  There is a process of consulting, planning, designing, building, and finally installing the oven in the factory.

                Many pieces of equipment you might see in a factory are not directly related to making the product.  Thermal Oxidizers are common in plants are used to ensure harmful particulate matter is removed before the air is discharged to the environment.  They are very important for air quality and human health.  Perceptive Industries provides many different types of Thermal Oxidizers for all different manufacturing processes.

                In addition to these products, Perceptive Industries also refurbishes and services factory equipment to improve its performance.  These upgrades can ensure equipment is compliant with new regulations.  Retrofitting allows companies to be compliant without having to replace their equipment.  By providing these important pieces of equipment for the manufacturing process, Perceptive Industries plays a vital role in the manufacturing process.


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