Pollution Control-Perceptive Industries

As a college student studying environmental science, I am very interested in the different ways of controlling harm to the environment.  The manufacturing process is an important piece of our society where pollution control is very important.  Perceptive Industries is a company that engineers, designs, manufactures, and installs a variety of equipment that is important for protecting the environment and human health.

                Thermal oxidizers are one piece of equipment that Perceptive Industries provides.  Thermal Oxidizers are very important for air quality.  They are designed to remove particulate matter from the air before it is discharged to the environment since these particles can cause health problems for humans.  There are a variety of different types depending on the specific pollutants that may be produced in the manufacturing process.  These pieces of equipment are responsible for many of the improvements in air quality over the past few decades.

                Perceptive Industries can also help companies reduce their environmental impact by refurbishing and updating manufacturing equipment.  This improves the efficiency of the equipment so that less energy is needed.  Refurbishing and upgrading manufacturing equipment can bring older equipment up to date with new regulations. It also helps companies avoid scrapping these older pieces of equipment in order to be compliant with these regulations.

                In addition to these services, Perceptive Industries also engineers conveyor ovens like annealing ovens.  Their engineers will review the factory and design a plan that will work best for that building. Perceptive Industries is able to provide many services to keep a factory’s manufacturing process running and in compliant with environmental regulations.


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