Environment Friendly Equipments

Many of the products that we use on a day to day basis are composed of metal material.  When the metal items are manufactured they are usually heated and pressed into form so there is generally some type of tempering process involved.  This requires an industrial oven.  These ovens can be a one step process or a very long, complex conveyor ovens.  When a plant or factory needs one of these ovens, they cannot just simple buy one; they need to be specially designed for that manufacturing process.

                This is where companies like Perceptive Industries come in.  They are a company based in Michigan that supplies the manufacturing industry with many of the important pieces of machinery that they need.  This is an extensive process that requires consultation, design, engineering and installing.  There are several types of industrial ovens that they are able to make such as hydrogen embrittlement relief ovens, a stress relieving oven or a tempering oven.

                There are many other types of machinery that Perceptive Industries provides in addition to a tempering oven.  They also specialize in designing heat recovery systems and manufacturing thermal oxidizers.  In addition, they can retrofit and rebuild aging equipment.  Many of these pieces of equipment are designed to be environmentally friendly and help the company save money in reduced energy costs.  Reducing energy costs and environmental impact is very important as manufacturing technology progresses.  Companies like this are essential to producing equipment that make the manufacturing process go around to produce the products that we use on an every day basis.


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