Save Money And Reduce Energy Consumption With Perceptive Industries

I grew up in Michigan and most people that are from this area know that it is a State that is highly focused on manufacturing.  Most people who I knew as a child were some how associated with the manufacturing industry or worked in a plant or a factory.  This gave me a great appreciation for the manufacturing process. However, just as important as the factories and plants that make the products that go directly to the consumer are the companies that engineer the machinery that makes those products.

                Perceptive Industries is one such company.  They design, build, and install several types of machinery that are used in the manufacturing process such as ovens, thermal oxidizers, and heat recovery systems.  They also do rebuilding and retrofitting. Industrial ovens are a very common type of equipment in a factory and Perceptive Industries specializes in these ovens including hydrogen embrittlement relief ovens, a tempering oven, and a stress relieving oven.  Ovens such as a tempering oven are used to heat metal so that it is able to flex and not break.  Metal can often be come brittle and easy to fracture after it is processed.

                These ovens can be quite complex as well.  When a factory or a plant needs an oven, there is a process of consulting, designing, building, and installing.  It is also important with environmental concerns and cost concerns that the ovens are very efficient.  Perceptive Industries designs ovens that can recovery energy, saving money and reducing energy consumption.  These factors are very important with new regulations and increasing energy costs.


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