Uses Of Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief

When I was young, my dad worked in a plant that made door handles and mirrors for cars.  The plant had a ton of different types of machinery and may of them were either presses to stamp the metal or ovens to cure the metal or dry paint.  When I had the opportunity to tour the plant as a child, I took all of this at face value.   However, now that I have an understanding of physics and chemistry, I have a much better understanding of what was going on during that process.

                Most metal products, like the door handles, are made with several steps that require heating of the metal.  This is necessary to form the metal into the desired shape but several problems can result.  There are chemical processes that make the metal more brittle but heating can fix this.  That is where hydrogen embrittlement relief comes in.  There are ovens, designed and manufactured by Perceptive Industries that allow hydrogen embrittlement relief so that the metal has the desired flexibility.

                There are many other types of ovens that are also used to achieve this goal.  Since many metals can be subject to breakage after being pressed, a tempering oven or a stress relieving oven can be used to heat the pieces to relieve any stress that would cause the metal to fracture.  This is incredibly important for things like sheet metal that is used to manufacture automobiles.  The metal must be able to withstand some flexing without breakage otherwise it may fracture with just a small amount of pressure.  Perceptive Industries is able to design, engineer, and install these ovens for many different industries.


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