Michigan Oven

 PERCEPTIVE INDUSTRYI own and run a Michigan company. We are located in Michigan, we don’t outsource our jobs, we get our materials in Michigan. It is my personal mission to do everything I can to support this state. So, when the stress relief oven broke down in my plant and I had to replace it and I saw that the company that made the machine was located in California, I knew I had to find someone in Michigan to provide me my new oven.

It didn’t take long for me to find Perceptive Industries. They, like my company, are Michigan-based and Michigan-run. The only thing I love the way I love Michigan is supporting other companies who share my vision. And, naturally, being a Michigan-based company, they provided me with excellent service, a reasonable price, and a high-quality product. I was completely taken aback by how quickly I was able to get production up and running again when they helped me replace my stress relief oven and revamp my whole system.

Michigan has been my home since I was born. I love this place and I love to support it and for that reason I loved my experience with Perceptive Industries. I only wish that every company I worked with had dedication to our state the way that they do.

My stress relief oven is back up and running with no problems, but now I have to replace my hydrogen embrittlement relief system. Yeah, having to slow down production is a huge pain, but really, I’m not dreading it that much. It’ll just give me yet another opportunity to support our great state by working with a great company.


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