Best Industrial Michigan Based Comapny

photo_curing3Michigan is my passion. Quite frankly, it should be everyone’s passion. But even if it were, I think I would still love it more than anyone else does. I just love the way that when the economy turned down, instead of feeling sorry for ourselves, we got on our feet and fought back. Michigan now has one of the fastest-growing economies in the country and I believe that that is due to people who love this state.

As one of those people, I like to do everything I can to promote businesses in Michigan. So, being fortunate enough to own a successful business, I started a program where I would buy ad space in newspapers for any Michigan-owned company. It was a fascinating journey. Sometimes companies would seek me out and other times, I seek them out. One company I came across is a Michigan industrial oven manufacturer called Perceptive Industries. They make industrial ovens like heat recovery systems and stress relieving ovens – and they are based in Michigan. Now, a lot of people might pass over this company like it’s nothing, but Perceptive Industries caught my eye. Why? Well, aren’t industrial ovens used to dry paint on cars? And isn’t Michigan supposed to be the heart and soul of the auto industry?

Well, I sure wish I could say that I needed a regenerative thermal oxidizer, but I don’t. Since the usual route of advertising wouldn’t do much for this company, I instead started contacting various plants and factories around Michigan and informing them about Perceptive Industries.

I like doing whatever I can to serve Michigan, and if that means going a little out of my way, then so be it. I don’t mind.


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