Best Michigan Industrial Oven Manufacturer

           PERCEPTIVE INDUSTRY I am proud to run an auto plant in Michigan. I feel that I am one of a few people left who truly supports Michigan-made cars. In fact, I try to support all Michigan businesses that I can. I hire people in the Metro-Detroit area, I buy supplies from Michigan companies, I make sure that as many people as possible serving my plant in any way are Michigan-based because I love this state and I want to see us grow and prosper.

Naturally, when I needed a new heat recovery system, I wanted to buy one from a Michigan company! So I did a little research to see what – if any – Michigan industrial oven manufacturers were at my disposal. What I found was Perceptive Industries. Now, I don’t go around saying this easily, but I think that the people at Perceptive Industries are almost as proud as I am to be a Michigan-based company, which is just like a breath of fresh air. Anyone who is passionate about this great state deserves my business. So, I got my Michigan-manufactured heat recovery system from them and it runs fantastically well. I am almost thinking that I won’t need to use their services for the rest of the time I’m running this plant, which is sort of a shame, given the respect I have for that company. Their quality of product and service is phenomenal and purely Michigan.

On the other hand, it’s looking like I will need to take a look at my regenerative thermal oxidizer soon. I know precisely which Michigan industrial oven manufacturer I will be contacting!


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