Incredible Michigan Company

rotate-newIt isn’t like industrial oven manufacturing is a super hot market with thousands of vendors jumping for your bids. No. I mean, like any industry, there is some competition, but it isn’t incredibly fierce. I have heard horror stories of people having to deal with manufacturers who jacked up prices and offered mediocre service just because they knew that they had no reasonable competition within the immediate area. So the first time I had to purchase a cure oven, I was reallynervous about what sort of company I would be dealing with.

The company I dealt with was Perceptive Industries. I, myself, am fortunate enough to have several options at my disposal as far as industrial oven manufacturers go, but I can tell you right now that those options are totally unnecessary. Perceptive Industries is a good and reliable Michigan company. In spite of the relative lack of competition, they aren’t trying to rob you when they sell you their product. Their service is impeccable. And their products are beautiful. Not everyone can truly appreciate the beauty of a well-crafted industrial conveyor oven, but I can, and I can tell you that the ones done by Perceptive Industries are just incredible.

Anyone who is in a near enough vicinity to purchase their industrial ovens from Perceptive Industries should seriously consider doing so. Having worked with them, there is no way I would consider going elsewhere. Not only is there too much to risk, but something about the way Perceptive Industries runs their business almost makes you want your cure oven to break down, just so you can do business with them!


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