Michigan Company Leads The Way in Thermal Technology

 homepg_oven_1Our company is proud to lead the way in thermal technology. We are a dynamic group with over 200 years of combined experience in the engineering, design, and manufacturing of thermal systems worldwide. We pride ourselves in our strength in three areas of focus.  Our three core products are regenerative thermal oxidizers, industrial dryers and ovens such as a stress relief oven and waste heat recovery. We are focused on producing the most cost effective, energy efficient systems in the industry.

Our line of thermal oxidizers includes regenerative thermal oxidizers, catalytic, recuperative, straight incineration and abatement and scrubber combinations. In regard to hydrogen embrittlement relief or stress relief ovens, we offer large capacity ovens with twin independent conveying systems that transfer workbaskets through oven maintaining a consistent bake temperature. These stress relief ovens process over 48,000 pounds at one time.

We offer our products and expertise all over the world. Recently, we were awarded a contract for a turnkey Tandem Tin Plate Coating Line for a large manufacturer of cans in Europe.

We have regarded optimization of thermal process performance as our central focus. From combustion performance to heat recovery, we are committed to the art of optimizing performance while reducing energy requirements. We provide a full range of engineering services, including feasibility studies, technical audits, project management, detailed engineering, and other innovative services.

For more in formation and a list of our satisfied customers please visit our website. Call us today for more information on our line of regenerative thermal oxidizers.


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