Make Your Heat Recovery Systems More Efficient For Work


“Efficiency” is something of a buzz word these days. It means more than it used to mean. It no longer means getting the most output for the money you invest. Efficiency can be applied to everything. It can refer to anything. It is the foolhardy person who overlooks efficiency in any aspect of running a business. Down to the last detail, efficiency is key.

I learned that the hard way about heat recovery systems. In the plant I run, we learned that our heat recovery system was hemorrhaging money for the company. With a few tests on it we learned that it was completely inefficient and although it would be a huge cost to replace, it would save us a lot of money.

A little bit of research led us to Perceptive Industries who provided stats up front about their heat recovery systems. Their head recovery systems provide nearly 95% efficiency, meaning that 95% of the heat used from incineration is used to heat the building and they provide great options for oxidization (burning without a fire) as well as catalization (heating until a chemical reaction takes place). Perceptive Industries has a variety of options in order to provide the precise specifications of a given plant.

With the help of Perceptive Industries, we were able to completely revamp our heat recovery system and make it so much more efficient. I still can’t believe the amount of money we’re saving. “Efficiency” may be a buzz word, but it is one that everyone should pay attention to.


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