Stress Relieving Oven

 photo_curing2When you run a metalworking plant and your stress relief oven isn’t working, then you know you’re in for a world of trouble. Sometimes the problem goes – perhaps not overlooked, but it remains a mystery for a while. The thing is, so much goes on in a metalworking plant and so much emphasis is put on safety that when something like a stress relief oven starts to go on the fritz it takes a little while to identify the problem because everyone is running around making sure whatever is causing the problem isn’t something that’s going to kill us.

Anyway, that’s what happened when the stress relief oven at my plant went bust. People were running around like chickens with their heads cut off until someone pointed out it was the oven. While we were all glad we weren’t all going to die that day, we found that the manufacturer of the oven had gone out of business, which meant starting from square one. Where to get a new one?

Perceptive Industries was where we landed. You see, we had to make a decision fast because we had to shut down production and if anything is a profit killer, that’s it. That’s why we went with Perceptive Industries. They told us everything we needed to know about their stress relief ovens right up front which make the decision an easy and relatively stress-free one to make. Talk about stress relief! We were able to install the new oven quickly and get back to work!


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