Perceptive Industries-Best Industrial Oven Manufacturer


Doing a report for one of my classes in school, I was assigned the topic of industrial ovens. I mean, what is that? I didn’t know and it sounded boring – I didn’t want to know. A quick search through the internet confirmed my fear: not just boring; very boring. Industrial ovens didn’t even have anything to do with baking. I was beyond bummed.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I am a very motivated student, so I plodded forward and decided to learn more in the least boring way I knew how: talking to a person. I looked up a fairly nearby industrial oven manufacturer and found Perceptive Industries. They’re very close by – I didn’t even know that we had a manufacturer that close! Anyhow, I asked if I could speak to one of their engineers and I was offered a chance to come in and see their business.

When I first got there, it seemed just as boring as I had suspected. But as I was talking to one of the engineers, I actually started getting really interested. He showed me around, teaching me about draw ovens, stress relieving ovens, industrial conveyor ovens, and what felt like a million different kinds of ovens that I had never even heard of before.

By the end of it, I was actually fascinated and I wanted to learn more. My class was even kind of interested, too, when I presented the report and I got an A on it!

I’m going to college to be an engineer, myself, next year. Though I had been thinking communications engineering, I might consider a change in track after what I learned from Perceptive Industries.


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