Michigan Industrial Oven Manufacturer

 PerceptiveMy husband is one of those people who has a job I don’t like to talk about. It isn’t because it is embarrassing and it isn’t – thank goodness – because he works for the IRS or something dreadful like that. But I just don’t understand his work. My own job is such that I have to attend a lot of functions and bring my husband to them and I always dread the pleasantries for how banal it is to say, “Yes, this is my husband. He is an industrial oven manufacturer,” and then have nothing more to say about it.

As it happened, the last function we attended changed all that for me. While my husband was off refreshing my drink, I met the wife of a colleague of mind and, much to my surprise, she introduced herself as an industrial oven manufacturer. While my colleague drifted away with that bored look that I usually have when talking about my husband’s job, I was so surprised to find another oven manufacturer that I stopped her and asked her for details on her job.

She seemed pleasantly surprised that I had asked. She worked for Perceptive Industries, she said, and when I pressed for more information she began telling me about her work. She told me about draw ovens, industrial conveyor ovens, stress relieving ovens, and a whole host of over kinds. I was surprisingly fascinated by it all.

Imagine, then, my husband’s surprise when he returned with the drinks and I enthusiastically introduced him to a colleague and started going on about draw ovens and all that. The first thing I’m doing when I get to work tomorrow is looking up Perceptive Industries and learning all I can about industrial oven manufacturers.


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