Industrial Machinery-Draw Oven

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My son has an almost overwhelming amount of curiosity. I suppose it truly is a good thing because it makes him want to go the extra mile, or the extra ten miles! For example, when he was learning in school about factories and machines that work in them, it happened to coincide with a time where my husband, who owns and runs a manufacturing plant, had just purchased a new draw oven from Perceptive Industries, who he had always used in the past and who he always spoke highly of. My son was very intrigued by the draw oven, which my husband let him see, of course, as it coincided with school curriculum. Then, all of a sudden he wanted to know everything there was to know about industrial ovens.

My husband is on close terms with the people at Perceptive Industries, so he called them with my son and they asked all sorts of questions. Now my son won’t stop talking about not only his dad’s new draw oven, but also industrial conveyor ovens, stress relief ovens, and a bunch of other ones I can not remember.

My husband is now fond of saying that he recommends Perceptive Industries in two ways, now. They design and engineer beautiful and effective machinery, and also they willingly satiate the intense curiosity of a ten-year-old. And if you know my son, and knew anything about the complexities of these ovens, you would easily understand just how impressive that is in a company.


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