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Fascinating Industrial Ovens


I have always had a fascination with industrial ovens, ever since I learned that they existed. So it’s very fitting that I got into the business of repairing them when they’re falling apart or just need a tweaking. I have even restored a few from the throes of death. Cure ovens, stress relieving ovens, you name it. I’ve probably fixed it.

I’ve become something of an expert at the job over the years, and there’s something I have noticed. It becomes fairly obvious over time which companies have the best designs and the longest-lasting machines because I repair them less. And I started noticing that machines that come from Perceptive Industries rarely needed attention from me. Every once in a while I would fine tune something from them, but never was theirs one of the severely broken-down ones I saw.

This makes me really admire the engineering of the ovens of Perceptive Industries for their artistry. From industrial conveyor ovens to stress relieving ovens and everything in between, each machine is really a masterpiece of design, of engineering, of technology, and – as I said – of art.

I really have to admire the work that Perceptive Industries puts out, though I have to admit, it worries me a little. I’m pretty sure that more and more people are catching wind that the industrial ovens of Perceptive Industries are far superior, and if everyone starts using them, I’ll be out of a job! I guess in that case I’d just have to go back to school and learn how to design my own works of industrial art.


Industrial Machinery-Draw Oven

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My son has an almost overwhelming amount of curiosity. I suppose it truly is a good thing because it makes him want to go the extra mile, or the extra ten miles! For example, when he was learning in school about factories and machines that work in them, it happened to coincide with a time where my husband, who owns and runs a manufacturing plant, had just purchased a new draw oven from Perceptive Industries, who he had always used in the past and who he always spoke highly of. My son was very intrigued by the draw oven, which my husband let him see, of course, as it coincided with school curriculum. Then, all of a sudden he wanted to know everything there was to know about industrial ovens.

My husband is on close terms with the people at Perceptive Industries, so he called them with my son and they asked all sorts of questions. Now my son won’t stop talking about not only his dad’s new draw oven, but also industrial conveyor ovens, stress relief ovens, and a bunch of other ones I can not remember.

My husband is now fond of saying that he recommends Perceptive Industries in two ways, now. They design and engineer beautiful and effective machinery, and also they willingly satiate the intense curiosity of a ten-year-old. And if you know my son, and knew anything about the complexities of these ovens, you would easily understand just how impressive that is in a company.

Industrial Conveyor Ovens

photo_curing3My factory lives and breathes on industrial conveyor ovens, as do many factories that I know of. If there is a glitch or – God forbid – if one breaks down, it is a whole circus show getting it fixed up. I like to try to avoid that as much as possible as it causes something of a money hemorrhage. One time, after having to actually shut down my plant for an entire two days I just pulled the plug on those stupid industrial conveyor ovens I had and decided they needed replacing.

I already knew that Perceptive Industries could help me. Their engineering is just flawless and their expertise is unparalleled. In fact, when they had replaced my thermal oxidizer the year before they had suggested that I get my conveyor ovens replaced as well, but I didn’t listen. Big mistake.

Perceptive Industries replaced my industrial conveyor ovens quickly and with an excellent price and even better service. Dangerously close to repeating the folly I had last time they had been in, I almost ignored them when they said I needed to look at my system for hydrogen embrittlement relief. Luckily, I had drunk my morning coffee that day and before saying that automatic “no, thank you” that had gotten me into trouble before, I asked them what they could do to help.

I don’t like losing money. No one does. With Perceptive Industries helping me out with my ovens, I feel much more confident in my business. I wish that for everyone.

Domestic Applications of Industrial Ovens

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I had lived in the same house for my entire life, so when my parents decided that it was time to move into a new house, I was extremely excited. My parents had been saving up money for years in order to buy a bigger home with extra bedrooms and more bathrooms since we were in desperate need of it. After looking around for about a year, we finally found a house about 20 minutes away from our original house that everyone in the family had liked. We moved in, but we were not able to take our old refrigerator because it had broken during the last few days that we were packing up. On top of needing a new refrigerator, we also needed new couches, coffee tables and a new dishwasher.

            Since we had just bought the new house, we were already a little low on money. My parents knew that they didn’t have the necessary money to buy a new refrigerator, couch, coffee table and a new dishwasher, but we also couldn’t live without a refrigerator. So, we went to the thrift shop to look for cheap furniture. It ended up being a pretty successful trip the thrift shop because we came out with everything that we had looked for and it was all in the budget that we had set.

            The couch, the coffee table and the dishwasher were all in fairly great shape. However, the refrigerator had definitely seen its better days. It had clearly been powder coated years ago, but due to excessive use, the paint had begun to chip away. Even though it worked perfectly, it didn’t look perfect and it certainly didn’t fit into the look of the rest of the house. I looked up online to help my parents to find a cheap way that we could get the fridge fixed and I found Perceptive Industries, an industrial oven manufacturer who had industrial conveyor ovens, draw ovens and stress relieving ovens.

            We all saved up money and chipped in at the end to be able to afford the powder coating on the fridge door. After a few weeks, we had enough money to get it powder coated. We took the door off, and sent it to Perceptive Industries to have the door powder coated. When we got it back, we were so surprised to find out that it actually looked new! The matte finish on the high quality powder coating was done to perfection and we got lots of compliments on it when company came over. Almost nobody believed that it had been a fridge that we got a thrift shop. Whenever they ask how we got it to look brand new, we tell them about Perceptive Industries, an industrial oven manufacturer who also has industrial conveyor ovens, draw ovens and stress relieving ovens.

Re-design Your Vehicle with Industrial Ovens

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When I was in elementary school, my best friends and I would always go on bicycle rides after school. This was a great way to get in the exercise that we needed while also spending time together and enjoying nature. I had a lot of fun every single time we went on bike rides because I felt healthier and more energetic with the exercise that I was getting. When I went on the middle school, I had outgrown my bike and my parents had to give it away. Since I was in middle school and I was growing, I also had to get new clothes and new shoes, so I was not able to buy myself a new bike.

            One time, I was going on a walk outside and I noticed that my neighbor was getting rid of her old bike. I asked if I could have it, and though it wasn’t in the best condition, she said that I could. I took it back home to inspect it and was satisfied to find out that it had all of the parts and was in good riding condition. The only problem it had was that the paint had chipped away so that I couldn’t even tell what the original color had been.

            I talked to my dad about it, since I had no idea how to get this fixed and he said that I had to get the bicycle frame powder coated. I spent the next few months saving up my money, and when I had finally saved up enough, I sent it to Perceptive Industries, an industrial oven manufacturer who had industrial conveyor ovens, draw ovens, stress relieving ovens. I told them what color I wanted it and I also told them that I wanted the finish to be glossy and not matte. When I received the bike frame back, I was very pleased with the results. Before, the bike frame seemed old, obviously used and like something that would be found in a junk yard. After Perceptive Industries had done their work on it, it looked like a brand new bike frame that could be bought at the store!

            I put the bike together, cleaned the other parts off and I was able to ride the bike. I got lots of compliments from my friends and they asked where I had gotten it. They were surprised when I told them that it was my neighbor’s old bike and that I had just gotten it powder coated. I was so satisfied with the work that I e-mailed Perceptive Industries to tell them what a great job they had done. If anyone is looking to get anything powder coated, Perceptive Industries is a great industrial oven manufacturer that has industrial conveyor ovens, draw ovens and stress relieving ovens.

Michigan Industrial Oven Manufacturer

 PerceptiveMy husband is one of those people who has a job I don’t like to talk about. It isn’t because it is embarrassing and it isn’t – thank goodness – because he works for the IRS or something dreadful like that. But I just don’t understand his work. My own job is such that I have to attend a lot of functions and bring my husband to them and I always dread the pleasantries for how banal it is to say, “Yes, this is my husband. He is an industrial oven manufacturer,” and then have nothing more to say about it.

As it happened, the last function we attended changed all that for me. While my husband was off refreshing my drink, I met the wife of a colleague of mind and, much to my surprise, she introduced herself as an industrial oven manufacturer. While my colleague drifted away with that bored look that I usually have when talking about my husband’s job, I was so surprised to find another oven manufacturer that I stopped her and asked her for details on her job.

She seemed pleasantly surprised that I had asked. She worked for Perceptive Industries, she said, and when I pressed for more information she began telling me about her work. She told me about draw ovens, industrial conveyor ovens, stress relieving ovens, and a whole host of over kinds. I was surprisingly fascinated by it all.

Imagine, then, my husband’s surprise when he returned with the drinks and I enthusiastically introduced him to a colleague and started going on about draw ovens and all that. The first thing I’m doing when I get to work tomorrow is looking up Perceptive Industries and learning all I can about industrial oven manufacturers.

Facts About Industrial Oven Manufacturing


Fresh out of college and with a brand new, totally usable engineering degree, and I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. My whole family is made of engineers. It was never a question of whether I would be an engineer. It wasn’t even a question of employability – I had worked with a number of firms on a variety of projects throughout my years of study, many of which were ready to hire me on graduation. But I just didn’t particularly fancy any of them. Then, by chance, as I was browsing an engineering magazine, hoping for inspiration, I happened to read about Perceptive Industries.

The people at Perceptive Industries are industrial oven manufacturers. Right away this caught my attention because it was unique – at least, it was unique to my family. I browsed through their website and gave them a call. They were kind enough to show me around their plant and I learned all about draw ovens, industrial conveyor ovens, stress relieving ovens, and all sorts of things that their team – which included many engineers – worked on.

I am now actively looking for a position as part of a team of industrial oven manufacturers. I’m so happy I found something to do with my skills. The position I had been working the year and a half since graduating was not fulfilling or interesting in the least. Though I don’t know a lot about industrial oven manufacturing, I am very excited to learn and very grateful to Perceptive Industries for helping me spark my interest.