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Re-design Your Vehicle with Industrial Ovens

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When I was in elementary school, my best friends and I would always go on bicycle rides after school. This was a great way to get in the exercise that we needed while also spending time together and enjoying nature. I had a lot of fun every single time we went on bike rides because I felt healthier and more energetic with the exercise that I was getting. When I went on the middle school, I had outgrown my bike and my parents had to give it away. Since I was in middle school and I was growing, I also had to get new clothes and new shoes, so I was not able to buy myself a new bike.

            One time, I was going on a walk outside and I noticed that my neighbor was getting rid of her old bike. I asked if I could have it, and though it wasn’t in the best condition, she said that I could. I took it back home to inspect it and was satisfied to find out that it had all of the parts and was in good riding condition. The only problem it had was that the paint had chipped away so that I couldn’t even tell what the original color had been.

            I talked to my dad about it, since I had no idea how to get this fixed and he said that I had to get the bicycle frame powder coated. I spent the next few months saving up my money, and when I had finally saved up enough, I sent it to Perceptive Industries, an industrial oven manufacturer who had industrial conveyor ovens, draw ovens, stress relieving ovens. I told them what color I wanted it and I also told them that I wanted the finish to be glossy and not matte. When I received the bike frame back, I was very pleased with the results. Before, the bike frame seemed old, obviously used and like something that would be found in a junk yard. After Perceptive Industries had done their work on it, it looked like a brand new bike frame that could be bought at the store!

            I put the bike together, cleaned the other parts off and I was able to ride the bike. I got lots of compliments from my friends and they asked where I had gotten it. They were surprised when I told them that it was my neighbor’s old bike and that I had just gotten it powder coated. I was so satisfied with the work that I e-mailed Perceptive Industries to tell them what a great job they had done. If anyone is looking to get anything powder coated, Perceptive Industries is a great industrial oven manufacturer that has industrial conveyor ovens, draw ovens and stress relieving ovens.


Michigan Industrial Oven Manufacturer

 PerceptiveMy husband is one of those people who has a job I don’t like to talk about. It isn’t because it is embarrassing and it isn’t – thank goodness – because he works for the IRS or something dreadful like that. But I just don’t understand his work. My own job is such that I have to attend a lot of functions and bring my husband to them and I always dread the pleasantries for how banal it is to say, “Yes, this is my husband. He is an industrial oven manufacturer,” and then have nothing more to say about it.

As it happened, the last function we attended changed all that for me. While my husband was off refreshing my drink, I met the wife of a colleague of mind and, much to my surprise, she introduced herself as an industrial oven manufacturer. While my colleague drifted away with that bored look that I usually have when talking about my husband’s job, I was so surprised to find another oven manufacturer that I stopped her and asked her for details on her job.

She seemed pleasantly surprised that I had asked. She worked for Perceptive Industries, she said, and when I pressed for more information she began telling me about her work. She told me about draw ovens, industrial conveyor ovens, stress relieving ovens, and a whole host of over kinds. I was surprisingly fascinated by it all.

Imagine, then, my husband’s surprise when he returned with the drinks and I enthusiastically introduced him to a colleague and started going on about draw ovens and all that. The first thing I’m doing when I get to work tomorrow is looking up Perceptive Industries and learning all I can about industrial oven manufacturers.

We Are Your Turnkey Solution Regarding Thermal Technologies

th_photo_heatrecoverycerealThere are many challenges of manufacturing today. We understand these challenges and are constantly improving thermal technologies, which allow us to provide energy and environmental solutions to keep you in the lead in your industry. We are excited to be your partner as we offer you not only an outstanding product but we can provide you with a turnkey solution. We have over 200 years of combined engineering experience in heat recovery, stress relieving, tempering just to name a few of our specialties.

Our products range from industrial ovens offering hydrogen embrittlement relief or stress relieving ovens, regenerative thermal oxidizers to heat recovery systems.Our thermal and mechanical engineering services are used in a variety of industries such as Automotive, Chemical, Pharmaceutical, Food and Dairy just to name a few.Our company includes very specific criteria into all of our thermal processing and thermal oxidizes equipments such as stress relief ovens and regenerative thermal oxidizers.

We are committed to the highest quality of customer service as well as offering the highest quality industrial ovens. We pride ourselves on selling products made in the U.S.A. If you are seeking equipment such as regenerative thermal oxidizers, or embrittlement relief ovens that are made in the U.S. A., look no further. We are the choice for you!

We understand reducing energy consumption is an essential part of selecting industrial ovens. We are committed to helping you make the best decision for your company. Please call us or stop by our office and we will be more than happy to assist you in the perfect fit of industrial ovens and furnaces for your company.

Advantages Of Industrial Ovens And Thremal Oxidizers For Automobiles

        Image When I turned 16, I got a hand-me-down car. This means that I had gotten the old car that my brother used for a few years before getting himself a new one. Even though I was thankful that I finally had a car of my own and no longer needed to depend on anyone else for transportation, I had hoped that the car would have been in better shape. Since this was my brother’s very first car, he didn’t know how to take good care of it. He often had to get towed because he forgot to fill up on gas, drove through curbs and rarely ever washed it. Also, on many different occasions, he would forget to turn off the headlights which ended up draining the battery.

            I decided that cleaning up the car would boost its appearance. I washed and waxed the exterior, shined the windows and filled the tires with air. Inside, I vacuumed the floor and shampooed the seats. Luckily, I was able to get most of the dirt and trash out of the car, leaving the interior clean and the body shiny. I was happy with the work that I had done until I realized that the hubcaps were in bad shape. The paint chips were extremely noticeable which decreased the car’s value.

            I wanted to get the hubcaps powder coated to a glossy black color that would match the rest of my car. I had heard of people powder coating objects by themselves, but I had no experience in doing this, so I knew that I had to get it professionally done.

            I researched a few companies and called up a business to ask them where their industrial ovens came from. They told me they came from the industrial oven manufacturer, Perceptive Industries. I had to be certain that Perceptive Industries had quality industrial ovens that could powder coat my hubcap so that it could be worth getting it professionally done. Also specializing in thermal oxidizers, this industrial oven manufacturer offered a wide range of services and products.

            I sent in my hubcaps and received it in a timely manner. The color was the exact same color as my car and it had a high gloss to it. I was glad that I had sent in my hubcaps to get it professionally powder coated instead of doing it myself. The outcome was beyond exceptional and made my hubcaps look entirely new.

Advantages Of Industrial Ovens For Common Man

           Image I enjoy taking on new projects that involve building things. Ever since I was little, my father would take me out on his truck to find broken items that people were giving away. When we would get home, we would look at whatever we had collected and attempt to fix it. We have found a broken lawn mower, motorcycle and dishwasher which had all been dumped at the end of their driveway and labeled “free.” We took everything that we could find and tried to repair it together. To this very day, I still enjoy doing the same thing, but since my dad is busier than he used to be, I usually have to do everything by myself.

            One day, I was driving home from school when I noticed that my neighbor was throwing away an old bicycle. The bike was broken into two and the paint had all been chipped off. I decided that this would be a fun experiment, so I picked up the bicycle and took it back home. Noticing that it was in fairly bad shape, I got to work as soon as I could. However, because the paint was all gone, I knew I would have to get it powder coated before continuing any further work.

            I sent the bicycle frame off to get powder coated, and was exceedingly pleased with the results. The texture was smooth and the look was glossy just how I had ordered it. To show my satisfaction, I decided to contact the company to thank them for the wonderful job they had done. They told me that their job could not have been done without the industrial oven manufacturer, Perceptive Industries.

            I wrote to the industrial oven manufacturer that their industrial oven had powder coated my bicycle frame exactly how I had wanted it. It is difficult for me to go out of my way in order to thank a company, but because I was surprised by the quality of the work, I knew I had to give my input.

            After receiving my frame, I was able to put the entire bicycle back into working condition. Because the industrial oven had done the powder coating so well, the bicycle looked polished, flawless and brand new.

Manufacturing Processes of Perceptive Industries

Manufacturing is a huge part of our economy.  In addition to the plants and factories that produce the products and goods we buy, there are also companies that must produce the equipment that these factories use in the manufacturing process.  Perceptive Industries is a company that designs, engineers, and installs the many different pieces of equipment for factories and plants.

                One type of machinery that Perceptive Industries provides are conveyor ovens.  These are huge pieces of equipment that take the product on a conveyor belt through a long oven system.  These are not a one size fits all; they are very specific to the plant and the type of product being manufactured.  For example, an annealing oven is used for metals like copper or steel.  There is a process of consulting, planning, designing, building, and finally installing the oven in the factory.

                Many pieces of equipment you might see in a factory are not directly related to making the product.  Thermal Oxidizers are common in plants are used to ensure harmful particulate matter is removed before the air is discharged to the environment.  They are very important for air quality and human health.  Perceptive Industries provides many different types of Thermal Oxidizers for all different manufacturing processes.

                In addition to these products, Perceptive Industries also refurbishes and services factory equipment to improve its performance.  These upgrades can ensure equipment is compliant with new regulations.  Retrofitting allows companies to be compliant without having to replace their equipment.  By providing these important pieces of equipment for the manufacturing process, Perceptive Industries plays a vital role in the manufacturing process.

Machinery used in Perceptive Industries

When I was younger, I had to opportunity to take a tour of a large factory in my hometown.  I was fascinated by all of the different pieces of equipment and machinery that go into making a product and how many different steps there are in the process.  As an adult, I still find the manufacturing process fascinating, particularly with all of these advances in Technology that companies like Perceptive Industries put in to engineering equipment like conveyor ovens.

                Perceptive Industries is a company that provides services for a wide variety of manufacturing needs.  Conveyor Ovens are large ovens that have a conveyor belt to run the items through a long line of ovens.  These can be huge pieces of equipment in a plant or factory. Often when I think of ovens, I think of food products but manufacturing plants needs ovens for many different types of products.  For example, an annealing oven is used for hardening metals like copper, steel, and silver.  If you tour a plant of any kind, more than likely you will see some kind of oven.

                In most every plant there are also likely to be pieces of equipment that are not directly involved in the manufacturing process, but are used for environmental purposes.  There are many air pollution regulations so companies like Perceptive Industries are important for providing equipment like Thermal Oxidizers for air pollution control.

                There are so many different pieces of machinery involved in the manufacturing process.  Perceptive Industries plays a vital role in this industry by designing, engineering, installing and even refurbishing these important pieces of equipment.