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Fascinating Industrial Ovens


I have always had a fascination with industrial ovens, ever since I learned that they existed. So it’s very fitting that I got into the business of repairing them when they’re falling apart or just need a tweaking. I have even restored a few from the throes of death. Cure ovens, stress relieving ovens, you name it. I’ve probably fixed it.

I’ve become something of an expert at the job over the years, and there’s something I have noticed. It becomes fairly obvious over time which companies have the best designs and the longest-lasting machines because I repair them less. And I started noticing that machines that come from Perceptive Industries rarely needed attention from me. Every once in a while I would fine tune something from them, but never was theirs one of the severely broken-down ones I saw.

This makes me really admire the engineering of the ovens of Perceptive Industries for their artistry. From industrial conveyor ovens to stress relieving ovens and everything in between, each machine is really a masterpiece of design, of engineering, of technology, and – as I said – of art.

I really have to admire the work that Perceptive Industries puts out, though I have to admit, it worries me a little. I’m pretty sure that more and more people are catching wind that the industrial ovens of Perceptive Industries are far superior, and if everyone starts using them, I’ll be out of a job! I guess in that case I’d just have to go back to school and learn how to design my own works of industrial art.


Perceptive Industries

My boss didn’t know what thermal energy systems involved at all, let alone knowing what an industrial oven or annealing oven was. I told him he had to get a new industrial oven in order to increase productivity in our company. He said he didn’t think it was a big deal, that he didn’t know what an annealing oven was, and that the industrial oven just sounded like something that was supposed to last anyway—so why would he need to get a new one?

            I was frustrated with his ignorance and frugality. He had just wanted to ignore the problem, stay in the dark, and continue to make less money than we could have made if we had improved our industrial and annealing oven technology. I had advised my old boss to use Perspective Industries for their first purchase of an industrial oven, as well as an annealing oven, and my old company saved thousands a year because of the thermal energy saving that happened because of those ovens.

I decided to contact Perspective Industries again. I called them on the phone and asked for an audit of our technology. I told them the situation with our current industrial oven, as well as the annealing oven. I did this so my boss wouldn’t suspect anything. Perspectives came out to the company promptly for the audit. They remembered me as a past customer, when I told them my old company name. I was impressed that they’d remember based on how many industrial and annealing ovens I’m sure they’ve sold in their existence.

            They did the audit and gave me a comprehensive report regarding our thermal energy output and habits. The evidence was there and clear, with the credentials of their staff professionals supporting me. We had to at least update our industrial oven. I showed the data to my boss, and he really couldn’t deny it. The next week, he begrudgingly shelled out the money to Perspectives Industries for a new industrial oven and annealing oven. But, then next month, he already saw the difference it made in our operations—and in our energy bill. He had already saved. I knew Perspectives Industries was something I wanted to fight for.