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Fascinating Industrial Ovens


I have always had a fascination with industrial ovens, ever since I learned that they existed. So it’s very fitting that I got into the business of repairing them when they’re falling apart or just need a tweaking. I have even restored a few from the throes of death. Cure ovens, stress relieving ovens, you name it. I’ve probably fixed it.

I’ve become something of an expert at the job over the years, and there’s something I have noticed. It becomes fairly obvious over time which companies have the best designs and the longest-lasting machines because I repair them less. And I started noticing that machines that come from Perceptive Industries rarely needed attention from me. Every once in a while I would fine tune something from them, but never was theirs one of the severely broken-down ones I saw.

This makes me really admire the engineering of the ovens of Perceptive Industries for their artistry. From industrial conveyor ovens to stress relieving ovens and everything in between, each machine is really a masterpiece of design, of engineering, of technology, and – as I said – of art.

I really have to admire the work that Perceptive Industries puts out, though I have to admit, it worries me a little. I’m pretty sure that more and more people are catching wind that the industrial ovens of Perceptive Industries are far superior, and if everyone starts using them, I’ll be out of a job! I guess in that case I’d just have to go back to school and learn how to design my own works of industrial art.


Industrial Conveyor Ovens

photo_curing3My factory lives and breathes on industrial conveyor ovens, as do many factories that I know of. If there is a glitch or – God forbid – if one breaks down, it is a whole circus show getting it fixed up. I like to try to avoid that as much as possible as it causes something of a money hemorrhage. One time, after having to actually shut down my plant for an entire two days I just pulled the plug on those stupid industrial conveyor ovens I had and decided they needed replacing.

I already knew that Perceptive Industries could help me. Their engineering is just flawless and their expertise is unparalleled. In fact, when they had replaced my thermal oxidizer the year before they had suggested that I get my conveyor ovens replaced as well, but I didn’t listen. Big mistake.

Perceptive Industries replaced my industrial conveyor ovens quickly and with an excellent price and even better service. Dangerously close to repeating the folly I had last time they had been in, I almost ignored them when they said I needed to look at my system for hydrogen embrittlement relief. Luckily, I had drunk my morning coffee that day and before saying that automatic “no, thank you” that had gotten me into trouble before, I asked them what they could do to help.

I don’t like losing money. No one does. With Perceptive Industries helping me out with my ovens, I feel much more confident in my business. I wish that for everyone.

Advantages Of Industrial Ovens And Thremal Oxidizers For Automobiles

        Image When I turned 16, I got a hand-me-down car. This means that I had gotten the old car that my brother used for a few years before getting himself a new one. Even though I was thankful that I finally had a car of my own and no longer needed to depend on anyone else for transportation, I had hoped that the car would have been in better shape. Since this was my brother’s very first car, he didn’t know how to take good care of it. He often had to get towed because he forgot to fill up on gas, drove through curbs and rarely ever washed it. Also, on many different occasions, he would forget to turn off the headlights which ended up draining the battery.

            I decided that cleaning up the car would boost its appearance. I washed and waxed the exterior, shined the windows and filled the tires with air. Inside, I vacuumed the floor and shampooed the seats. Luckily, I was able to get most of the dirt and trash out of the car, leaving the interior clean and the body shiny. I was happy with the work that I had done until I realized that the hubcaps were in bad shape. The paint chips were extremely noticeable which decreased the car’s value.

            I wanted to get the hubcaps powder coated to a glossy black color that would match the rest of my car. I had heard of people powder coating objects by themselves, but I had no experience in doing this, so I knew that I had to get it professionally done.

            I researched a few companies and called up a business to ask them where their industrial ovens came from. They told me they came from the industrial oven manufacturer, Perceptive Industries. I had to be certain that Perceptive Industries had quality industrial ovens that could powder coat my hubcap so that it could be worth getting it professionally done. Also specializing in thermal oxidizers, this industrial oven manufacturer offered a wide range of services and products.

            I sent in my hubcaps and received it in a timely manner. The color was the exact same color as my car and it had a high gloss to it. I was glad that I had sent in my hubcaps to get it professionally powder coated instead of doing it myself. The outcome was beyond exceptional and made my hubcaps look entirely new.

Uses Of Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief

When I was young, my dad worked in a plant that made door handles and mirrors for cars.  The plant had a ton of different types of machinery and may of them were either presses to stamp the metal or ovens to cure the metal or dry paint.  When I had the opportunity to tour the plant as a child, I took all of this at face value.   However, now that I have an understanding of physics and chemistry, I have a much better understanding of what was going on during that process.

                Most metal products, like the door handles, are made with several steps that require heating of the metal.  This is necessary to form the metal into the desired shape but several problems can result.  There are chemical processes that make the metal more brittle but heating can fix this.  That is where hydrogen embrittlement relief comes in.  There are ovens, designed and manufactured by Perceptive Industries that allow hydrogen embrittlement relief so that the metal has the desired flexibility.

                There are many other types of ovens that are also used to achieve this goal.  Since many metals can be subject to breakage after being pressed, a tempering oven or a stress relieving oven can be used to heat the pieces to relieve any stress that would cause the metal to fracture.  This is incredibly important for things like sheet metal that is used to manufacture automobiles.  The metal must be able to withstand some flexing without breakage otherwise it may fracture with just a small amount of pressure.  Perceptive Industries is able to design, engineer, and install these ovens for many different industries.

Manufacturing Processes of Perceptive Industries

Manufacturing is a huge part of our economy.  In addition to the plants and factories that produce the products and goods we buy, there are also companies that must produce the equipment that these factories use in the manufacturing process.  Perceptive Industries is a company that designs, engineers, and installs the many different pieces of equipment for factories and plants.

                One type of machinery that Perceptive Industries provides are conveyor ovens.  These are huge pieces of equipment that take the product on a conveyor belt through a long oven system.  These are not a one size fits all; they are very specific to the plant and the type of product being manufactured.  For example, an annealing oven is used for metals like copper or steel.  There is a process of consulting, planning, designing, building, and finally installing the oven in the factory.

                Many pieces of equipment you might see in a factory are not directly related to making the product.  Thermal Oxidizers are common in plants are used to ensure harmful particulate matter is removed before the air is discharged to the environment.  They are very important for air quality and human health.  Perceptive Industries provides many different types of Thermal Oxidizers for all different manufacturing processes.

                In addition to these products, Perceptive Industries also refurbishes and services factory equipment to improve its performance.  These upgrades can ensure equipment is compliant with new regulations.  Retrofitting allows companies to be compliant without having to replace their equipment.  By providing these important pieces of equipment for the manufacturing process, Perceptive Industries plays a vital role in the manufacturing process.

Machinery used in Perceptive Industries

When I was younger, I had to opportunity to take a tour of a large factory in my hometown.  I was fascinated by all of the different pieces of equipment and machinery that go into making a product and how many different steps there are in the process.  As an adult, I still find the manufacturing process fascinating, particularly with all of these advances in Technology that companies like Perceptive Industries put in to engineering equipment like conveyor ovens.

                Perceptive Industries is a company that provides services for a wide variety of manufacturing needs.  Conveyor Ovens are large ovens that have a conveyor belt to run the items through a long line of ovens.  These can be huge pieces of equipment in a plant or factory. Often when I think of ovens, I think of food products but manufacturing plants needs ovens for many different types of products.  For example, an annealing oven is used for hardening metals like copper, steel, and silver.  If you tour a plant of any kind, more than likely you will see some kind of oven.

                In most every plant there are also likely to be pieces of equipment that are not directly involved in the manufacturing process, but are used for environmental purposes.  There are many air pollution regulations so companies like Perceptive Industries are important for providing equipment like Thermal Oxidizers for air pollution control.

                There are so many different pieces of machinery involved in the manufacturing process.  Perceptive Industries plays a vital role in this industry by designing, engineering, installing and even refurbishing these important pieces of equipment.