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Facts About Industrial Oven Manufacturing


Fresh out of college and with a brand new, totally usable engineering degree, and I had no idea what I wanted to do with it. My whole family is made of engineers. It was never a question of whether I would be an engineer. It wasn’t even a question of employability – I had worked with a number of firms on a variety of projects throughout my years of study, many of which were ready to hire me on graduation. But I just didn’t particularly fancy any of them. Then, by chance, as I was browsing an engineering magazine, hoping for inspiration, I happened to read about Perceptive Industries.

The people at Perceptive Industries are industrial oven manufacturers. Right away this caught my attention because it was unique – at least, it was unique to my family. I browsed through their website and gave them a call. They were kind enough to show me around their plant and I learned all about draw ovens, industrial conveyor ovens, stress relieving ovens, and all sorts of things that their team – which included many engineers – worked on.

I am now actively looking for a position as part of a team of industrial oven manufacturers. I’m so happy I found something to do with my skills. The position I had been working the year and a half since graduating was not fulfilling or interesting in the least. Though I don’t know a lot about industrial oven manufacturing, I am very excited to learn and very grateful to Perceptive Industries for helping me spark my interest.


Perceptive Industries-Best Industrial Oven Manufacturer


Doing a report for one of my classes in school, I was assigned the topic of industrial ovens. I mean, what is that? I didn’t know and it sounded boring – I didn’t want to know. A quick search through the internet confirmed my fear: not just boring; very boring. Industrial ovens didn’t even have anything to do with baking. I was beyond bummed.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I am a very motivated student, so I plodded forward and decided to learn more in the least boring way I knew how: talking to a person. I looked up a fairly nearby industrial oven manufacturer and found Perceptive Industries. They’re very close by – I didn’t even know that we had a manufacturer that close! Anyhow, I asked if I could speak to one of their engineers and I was offered a chance to come in and see their business.

When I first got there, it seemed just as boring as I had suspected. But as I was talking to one of the engineers, I actually started getting really interested. He showed me around, teaching me about draw ovens, stress relieving ovens, industrial conveyor ovens, and what felt like a million different kinds of ovens that I had never even heard of before.

By the end of it, I was actually fascinated and I wanted to learn more. My class was even kind of interested, too, when I presented the report and I got an A on it!

I’m going to college to be an engineer, myself, next year. Though I had been thinking communications engineering, I might consider a change in track after what I learned from Perceptive Industries.

Industrial Conveyor Ovens-Backbone Of Factory

 photo_curing1My industrial conveyor ovens are the backbone of my factory. Without them we cannot function. And because everything that can go wrong will go wrong, a couple of months ago the very thing I feared most came to pass: my industrial conveyor ovens died on me.

Industrial oven manufacturers don’t exactly list themselves in the yellow pages, so I did a little searching through the internet and found a review from someone who had had their draw ovens replaced by Perceptive Industries. A little further digging revealed that Perceptive Industries was a Michigan based company and that was all I needed to be sold on them.

Perceptive Industries really knows their stuff. They were able to do some repairs on my ovens to get my plant functioning again and while we were waiting for them to give out again (apparently it was only a matter of time) they consulted with me and helped to design and build some brand new industrial conveyor ovens that would work for my factory and keep things going.

Perceptive Industries provided a really innovative and clever design. Their work is very high quality and also highly recommended and I know that I won’t have to worry about replacing any more industrial ovens.

Although I am confident and hopeful that I won’t be in need of the services of an industrial oven manufacturer any time soon, if I do find myself in that position, I will know exactly who to call and I know that they will provide me nothing but the best.

Stress Relieving Oven

 photo_curing2When you run a metalworking plant and your stress relief oven isn’t working, then you know you’re in for a world of trouble. Sometimes the problem goes – perhaps not overlooked, but it remains a mystery for a while. The thing is, so much goes on in a metalworking plant and so much emphasis is put on safety that when something like a stress relief oven starts to go on the fritz it takes a little while to identify the problem because everyone is running around making sure whatever is causing the problem isn’t something that’s going to kill us.

Anyway, that’s what happened when the stress relief oven at my plant went bust. People were running around like chickens with their heads cut off until someone pointed out it was the oven. While we were all glad we weren’t all going to die that day, we found that the manufacturer of the oven had gone out of business, which meant starting from square one. Where to get a new one?

Perceptive Industries was where we landed. You see, we had to make a decision fast because we had to shut down production and if anything is a profit killer, that’s it. That’s why we went with Perceptive Industries. They told us everything we needed to know about their stress relief ovens right up front which make the decision an easy and relatively stress-free one to make. Talk about stress relief! We were able to install the new oven quickly and get back to work!

Make Your Heat Recovery Systems More Efficient For Work


“Efficiency” is something of a buzz word these days. It means more than it used to mean. It no longer means getting the most output for the money you invest. Efficiency can be applied to everything. It can refer to anything. It is the foolhardy person who overlooks efficiency in any aspect of running a business. Down to the last detail, efficiency is key.

I learned that the hard way about heat recovery systems. In the plant I run, we learned that our heat recovery system was hemorrhaging money for the company. With a few tests on it we learned that it was completely inefficient and although it would be a huge cost to replace, it would save us a lot of money.

A little bit of research led us to Perceptive Industries who provided stats up front about their heat recovery systems. Their head recovery systems provide nearly 95% efficiency, meaning that 95% of the heat used from incineration is used to heat the building and they provide great options for oxidization (burning without a fire) as well as catalization (heating until a chemical reaction takes place). Perceptive Industries has a variety of options in order to provide the precise specifications of a given plant.

With the help of Perceptive Industries, we were able to completely revamp our heat recovery system and make it so much more efficient. I still can’t believe the amount of money we’re saving. “Efficiency” may be a buzz word, but it is one that everyone should pay attention to.

Michigan Company Leads The Way in Thermal Technology

 homepg_oven_1Our company is proud to lead the way in thermal technology. We are a dynamic group with over 200 years of combined experience in the engineering, design, and manufacturing of thermal systems worldwide. We pride ourselves in our strength in three areas of focus.  Our three core products are regenerative thermal oxidizers, industrial dryers and ovens such as a stress relief oven and waste heat recovery. We are focused on producing the most cost effective, energy efficient systems in the industry.

Our line of thermal oxidizers includes regenerative thermal oxidizers, catalytic, recuperative, straight incineration and abatement and scrubber combinations. In regard to hydrogen embrittlement relief or stress relief ovens, we offer large capacity ovens with twin independent conveying systems that transfer workbaskets through oven maintaining a consistent bake temperature. These stress relief ovens process over 48,000 pounds at one time.

We offer our products and expertise all over the world. Recently, we were awarded a contract for a turnkey Tandem Tin Plate Coating Line for a large manufacturer of cans in Europe.

We have regarded optimization of thermal process performance as our central focus. From combustion performance to heat recovery, we are committed to the art of optimizing performance while reducing energy requirements. We provide a full range of engineering services, including feasibility studies, technical audits, project management, detailed engineering, and other innovative services.

For more in formation and a list of our satisfied customers please visit our website. Call us today for more information on our line of regenerative thermal oxidizers.

Incredible Michigan Company

rotate-newIt isn’t like industrial oven manufacturing is a super hot market with thousands of vendors jumping for your bids. No. I mean, like any industry, there is some competition, but it isn’t incredibly fierce. I have heard horror stories of people having to deal with manufacturers who jacked up prices and offered mediocre service just because they knew that they had no reasonable competition within the immediate area. So the first time I had to purchase a cure oven, I was reallynervous about what sort of company I would be dealing with.

The company I dealt with was Perceptive Industries. I, myself, am fortunate enough to have several options at my disposal as far as industrial oven manufacturers go, but I can tell you right now that those options are totally unnecessary. Perceptive Industries is a good and reliable Michigan company. In spite of the relative lack of competition, they aren’t trying to rob you when they sell you their product. Their service is impeccable. And their products are beautiful. Not everyone can truly appreciate the beauty of a well-crafted industrial conveyor oven, but I can, and I can tell you that the ones done by Perceptive Industries are just incredible.

Anyone who is in a near enough vicinity to purchase their industrial ovens from Perceptive Industries should seriously consider doing so. Having worked with them, there is no way I would consider going elsewhere. Not only is there too much to risk, but something about the way Perceptive Industries runs their business almost makes you want your cure oven to break down, just so you can do business with them!