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Industrial Machinery-Draw Oven

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My son has an almost overwhelming amount of curiosity. I suppose it truly is a good thing because it makes him want to go the extra mile, or the extra ten miles! For example, when he was learning in school about factories and machines that work in them, it happened to coincide with a time where my husband, who owns and runs a manufacturing plant, had just purchased a new draw oven from Perceptive Industries, who he had always used in the past and who he always spoke highly of. My son was very intrigued by the draw oven, which my husband let him see, of course, as it coincided with school curriculum. Then, all of a sudden he wanted to know everything there was to know about industrial ovens.

My husband is on close terms with the people at Perceptive Industries, so he called them with my son and they asked all sorts of questions. Now my son won’t stop talking about not only his dad’s new draw oven, but also industrial conveyor ovens, stress relief ovens, and a bunch of other ones I can not remember.

My husband is now fond of saying that he recommends Perceptive Industries in two ways, now. They design and engineer beautiful and effective machinery, and also they willingly satiate the intense curiosity of a ten-year-old. And if you know my son, and knew anything about the complexities of these ovens, you would easily understand just how impressive that is in a company.


Domestic Applications of Industrial Ovens

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I had lived in the same house for my entire life, so when my parents decided that it was time to move into a new house, I was extremely excited. My parents had been saving up money for years in order to buy a bigger home with extra bedrooms and more bathrooms since we were in desperate need of it. After looking around for about a year, we finally found a house about 20 minutes away from our original house that everyone in the family had liked. We moved in, but we were not able to take our old refrigerator because it had broken during the last few days that we were packing up. On top of needing a new refrigerator, we also needed new couches, coffee tables and a new dishwasher.

            Since we had just bought the new house, we were already a little low on money. My parents knew that they didn’t have the necessary money to buy a new refrigerator, couch, coffee table and a new dishwasher, but we also couldn’t live without a refrigerator. So, we went to the thrift shop to look for cheap furniture. It ended up being a pretty successful trip the thrift shop because we came out with everything that we had looked for and it was all in the budget that we had set.

            The couch, the coffee table and the dishwasher were all in fairly great shape. However, the refrigerator had definitely seen its better days. It had clearly been powder coated years ago, but due to excessive use, the paint had begun to chip away. Even though it worked perfectly, it didn’t look perfect and it certainly didn’t fit into the look of the rest of the house. I looked up online to help my parents to find a cheap way that we could get the fridge fixed and I found Perceptive Industries, an industrial oven manufacturer who had industrial conveyor ovens, draw ovens and stress relieving ovens.

            We all saved up money and chipped in at the end to be able to afford the powder coating on the fridge door. After a few weeks, we had enough money to get it powder coated. We took the door off, and sent it to Perceptive Industries to have the door powder coated. When we got it back, we were so surprised to find out that it actually looked new! The matte finish on the high quality powder coating was done to perfection and we got lots of compliments on it when company came over. Almost nobody believed that it had been a fridge that we got a thrift shop. Whenever they ask how we got it to look brand new, we tell them about Perceptive Industries, an industrial oven manufacturer who also has industrial conveyor ovens, draw ovens and stress relieving ovens.

Save Money And Reduce Energy Consumption With Perceptive Industries

I grew up in Michigan and most people that are from this area know that it is a State that is highly focused on manufacturing.  Most people who I knew as a child were some how associated with the manufacturing industry or worked in a plant or a factory.  This gave me a great appreciation for the manufacturing process. However, just as important as the factories and plants that make the products that go directly to the consumer are the companies that engineer the machinery that makes those products.

                Perceptive Industries is one such company.  They design, build, and install several types of machinery that are used in the manufacturing process such as ovens, thermal oxidizers, and heat recovery systems.  They also do rebuilding and retrofitting. Industrial ovens are a very common type of equipment in a factory and Perceptive Industries specializes in these ovens including hydrogen embrittlement relief ovens, a tempering oven, and a stress relieving oven.  Ovens such as a tempering oven are used to heat metal so that it is able to flex and not break.  Metal can often be come brittle and easy to fracture after it is processed.

                These ovens can be quite complex as well.  When a factory or a plant needs an oven, there is a process of consulting, designing, building, and installing.  It is also important with environmental concerns and cost concerns that the ovens are very efficient.  Perceptive Industries designs ovens that can recovery energy, saving money and reducing energy consumption.  These factors are very important with new regulations and increasing energy costs.

Uses Of Hydrogen Embrittlement Relief

When I was young, my dad worked in a plant that made door handles and mirrors for cars.  The plant had a ton of different types of machinery and may of them were either presses to stamp the metal or ovens to cure the metal or dry paint.  When I had the opportunity to tour the plant as a child, I took all of this at face value.   However, now that I have an understanding of physics and chemistry, I have a much better understanding of what was going on during that process.

                Most metal products, like the door handles, are made with several steps that require heating of the metal.  This is necessary to form the metal into the desired shape but several problems can result.  There are chemical processes that make the metal more brittle but heating can fix this.  That is where hydrogen embrittlement relief comes in.  There are ovens, designed and manufactured by Perceptive Industries that allow hydrogen embrittlement relief so that the metal has the desired flexibility.

                There are many other types of ovens that are also used to achieve this goal.  Since many metals can be subject to breakage after being pressed, a tempering oven or a stress relieving oven can be used to heat the pieces to relieve any stress that would cause the metal to fracture.  This is incredibly important for things like sheet metal that is used to manufacture automobiles.  The metal must be able to withstand some flexing without breakage otherwise it may fracture with just a small amount of pressure.  Perceptive Industries is able to design, engineer, and install these ovens for many different industries.

Environment Friendly Equipments

Many of the products that we use on a day to day basis are composed of metal material.  When the metal items are manufactured they are usually heated and pressed into form so there is generally some type of tempering process involved.  This requires an industrial oven.  These ovens can be a one step process or a very long, complex conveyor ovens.  When a plant or factory needs one of these ovens, they cannot just simple buy one; they need to be specially designed for that manufacturing process.

                This is where companies like Perceptive Industries come in.  They are a company based in Michigan that supplies the manufacturing industry with many of the important pieces of machinery that they need.  This is an extensive process that requires consultation, design, engineering and installing.  There are several types of industrial ovens that they are able to make such as hydrogen embrittlement relief ovens, a stress relieving oven or a tempering oven.

                There are many other types of machinery that Perceptive Industries provides in addition to a tempering oven.  They also specialize in designing heat recovery systems and manufacturing thermal oxidizers.  In addition, they can retrofit and rebuild aging equipment.  Many of these pieces of equipment are designed to be environmentally friendly and help the company save money in reduced energy costs.  Reducing energy costs and environmental impact is very important as manufacturing technology progresses.  Companies like this are essential to producing equipment that make the manufacturing process go around to produce the products that we use on an every day basis.

Industrial Ovens

Perceptive Industries helped my manufacturing business save thousands of dollars per year. This has been going on since 2005, so almost 7 years now. Since we had our new cure ovens installed, we have come back to Perceptive Industries for tempering ovens and aging ovens as well, because we can trust that we will get a quality product and a quality understanding of what our products do. Perceptive Industries enabled us to make more money with better thermal technology, which means less wasted energy and heat, more efficient internal operations. I’m very pleased with the whole thing, because it’s scary to invest in a cure oven, something that costs a lot more than simple office supplies, for example. Perceptive Industries is reasonably priced, but still, something like an aging oven is a lot of money! But I went for it, and my relationship with the guys at Perceptive Industries has been like no other. They help me keep my cure oven, tempering oven, and aging ovens up to snuff, even years after they installed them. I am so thankful for how kind and willing they are to continue assisting me. Without Perceptive Industries, we probably still would have been using that old cure oven that was just falling apart as you looked at it! Thank goodness we’ve moved up in the world.