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Industrial Conveyor Ovens

photo_curing3My factory lives and breathes on industrial conveyor ovens, as do many factories that I know of. If there is a glitch or – God forbid – if one breaks down, it is a whole circus show getting it fixed up. I like to try to avoid that as much as possible as it causes something of a money hemorrhage. One time, after having to actually shut down my plant for an entire two days I just pulled the plug on those stupid industrial conveyor ovens I had and decided they needed replacing.

I already knew that Perceptive Industries could help me. Their engineering is just flawless and their expertise is unparalleled. In fact, when they had replaced my thermal oxidizer the year before they had suggested that I get my conveyor ovens replaced as well, but I didn’t listen. Big mistake.

Perceptive Industries replaced my industrial conveyor ovens quickly and with an excellent price and even better service. Dangerously close to repeating the folly I had last time they had been in, I almost ignored them when they said I needed to look at my system for hydrogen embrittlement relief. Luckily, I had drunk my morning coffee that day and before saying that automatic “no, thank you” that had gotten me into trouble before, I asked them what they could do to help.

I don’t like losing money. No one does. With Perceptive Industries helping me out with my ovens, I feel much more confident in my business. I wish that for everyone.


Pollution Control for Industry by Thermal Oxidizer

When it comes to pollution control for industry, it is important to have the right equipment.  Not only because compliance with regulation is vital, but also because responsible companies know that have had had their customers expected them to take the necessary measures to protect environmental health.  Perspective Industries has a line of equipment that allows companies to effectively meet these expectations.

                One of the most common pieces of equipment needed for manufacturing plants is a thermal oxidizer.  Oxidizers are used to remove particulate matter that can be harmful to human health or to the environment.  The oxidizer removes the target material before the air is expelled outside.  There are a variety of different oxidizers that we manufacture.  This includes thermal Regenerative Oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers, and oxidizer concentrator systems.

                Another important piece for sustainability and the health of the employees that work is the plant is air quality inside the plant.  We have designed buildings to be very well insulated and sealed but this also as the effect of no allowing air exchange.  A plant or factory must have a proper system for air exchange while maintaining the temperature in the building.  A heat recovery system is used to achieve this.  Perspective industries designs, engineers, and installs heat recovery systems that allow proper air exchange and can greatly reduce energy bills.

                We also offer a line of industrial ovens and dryers and we can rebuild, upgrade, and retrofit existing equipment.  Taking these important steps can help your company be environmentally sustainable, save money, and offer a healthy working environment.




Regenerative Thermal oxidizers Michigan

It can be a lot of fun learning about the different ways you can enhance your business or commercial operation. Using more energy efficient machinery and systems will help you save money and energy, as well as time, and can increase your overall productivity and income. At Perspective Industries, this is our specialty. This blog will inform you about our basic thermal oxidizers, what we have to offer for you.

                Firstly, here is the basic run down of what we provide our customers! You will find the popular regenerative thermal oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers, recuperative oxidizers, straight incineration systems, as well as several unique abatement and scrubber combinations. You may not know what all of these are, but we can help you in future blogs learn about these oxidizer choices and determine which will best fit your corporation or industrial setting.

                Let’s look a bit at the Regenerative Thermal  Oxidizers. There are some standard features and styles, and we offer all of those. This system comes in 2, 2 1/2, and 3 chamber designs that lead the basics for us here at Perceptive Industries. The machines are very sturdy and well built, with destruction efficiencies designed over 99.8% with up to 95% thermal efficiencies. This is impressive by many standards in the industry.

                If you have questions, our team is experienced and able to answer anything you may need to know in order to make the right decision. If you need help determining how to save the most money and time in your business, we can also assess your operation and get you those answers.