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Fascinating Industrial Ovens


I have always had a fascination with industrial ovens, ever since I learned that they existed. So it’s very fitting that I got into the business of repairing them when they’re falling apart or just need a tweaking. I have even restored a few from the throes of death. Cure ovens, stress relieving ovens, you name it. I’ve probably fixed it.

I’ve become something of an expert at the job over the years, and there’s something I have noticed. It becomes fairly obvious over time which companies have the best designs and the longest-lasting machines because I repair them less. And I started noticing that machines that come from Perceptive Industries rarely needed attention from me. Every once in a while I would fine tune something from them, but never was theirs one of the severely broken-down ones I saw.

This makes me really admire the engineering of the ovens of Perceptive Industries for their artistry. From industrial conveyor ovens to stress relieving ovens and everything in between, each machine is really a masterpiece of design, of engineering, of technology, and – as I said – of art.

I really have to admire the work that Perceptive Industries puts out, though I have to admit, it worries me a little. I’m pretty sure that more and more people are catching wind that the industrial ovens of Perceptive Industries are far superior, and if everyone starts using them, I’ll be out of a job! I guess in that case I’d just have to go back to school and learn how to design my own works of industrial art.


Pollution Control-Perceptive Industries

As a college student studying environmental science, I am very interested in the different ways of controlling harm to the environment.  The manufacturing process is an important piece of our society where pollution control is very important.  Perceptive Industries is a company that engineers, designs, manufactures, and installs a variety of equipment that is important for protecting the environment and human health.

                Thermal oxidizers are one piece of equipment that Perceptive Industries provides.  Thermal Oxidizers are very important for air quality.  They are designed to remove particulate matter from the air before it is discharged to the environment since these particles can cause health problems for humans.  There are a variety of different types depending on the specific pollutants that may be produced in the manufacturing process.  These pieces of equipment are responsible for many of the improvements in air quality over the past few decades.

                Perceptive Industries can also help companies reduce their environmental impact by refurbishing and updating manufacturing equipment.  This improves the efficiency of the equipment so that less energy is needed.  Refurbishing and upgrading manufacturing equipment can bring older equipment up to date with new regulations. It also helps companies avoid scrapping these older pieces of equipment in order to be compliant with these regulations.

                In addition to these services, Perceptive Industries also engineers conveyor ovens like annealing ovens.  Their engineers will review the factory and design a plan that will work best for that building. Perceptive Industries is able to provide many services to keep a factory’s manufacturing process running and in compliant with environmental regulations.

Steps To Be Taken For Pollution Control and Environmental Sustainability

Pollution control, energy efficiency and environmental sustainability are important for so many industries.  These are important because customers are beginning to demand companies be more environmentally friendly, government regulations impose some level of requirement, and putting these measures into place at a manufacturing plant can save money for the company.  Perceptive Industries manufactures equipment that can help companies achieve these goals.

                THERMAL OXIDIZERS are a vital piece of equipment for air pollution control and in many cases are required by regulation. We make a variety of thermal oxidizers for effective removal of harmful particulate matter.  Our line of oxidizers includes thermal regenerative oxidizers, catalytic oxidizers, oxidizer concentrator systems and recuperative thermal oxidizers.  This each has different pollution control targets and functions.

                Another important piece for improved sustainability is efficiency in air exchange.  Heat recovery systems allow plants to maintain the proper ventilation while maintaining the proper humidity and temperatures in the plant.  Perspective Industries makes a line of Heat Recovery Systems that can save a great deal on energy bills.  In order to create a proper system, the plant or factory is evaluated and a system is designed, engineered and installed specifically for the building.

                There are a variety of steps that a company can take to improve efficiency in addition to having these pieces of equipment.  Industrial ovens can also be replaced and updated for efficiency.  These steps all contribute to lower energy bills, less pollution, and a good working environment.  At perceptive industries we have the high quality equipment your need for sustainability in industry.




Catalytic Oxidizers Michigan

We have talked in the past about regenerative thermal oxidizers, which help destroy air pollutants from companies who need ventilation in their production lines, which thus produce a lot of exhaust. The oxidizer intervenes and is able to remove air toxins as well as to preheat an incoming gas stream which helps your business run more smoothly and cost-effectively. But at Perceptive Industries, we also offer what is called a catalytic oxidizer, which this blog will focus on.

                What is a Catalytic Oxidizer, anyway?  The catalytic oxidizer combines the production of random and honeycomb block catalysts, along with fixed bed technology and integrated tube or plate heat exchangers. It will destroy contaminants and pollutants from exhaust at lower temperatures than regenerative thermal oxidizers, at ranges of 260°C (500°F) to 345°C (650°F).

                What is a catalyst? You may ask, however. Catalysts are agents included in a process or reaction that speed or slow—alter—the natural rate of the reaction or process. They help to control things when otherwise the process would go as it will. The catalysts in these oxidizers allow the process of removing contaminants to be smoother and more effective. These agents are not used up in the reaction, either, so they are able to continue doing good work for your business through many cycles of exhaust release.

                Perceptive Industries will ensure that you are able to choose the right equipment and system for your company. We are open to discussion, assessment, and installation—of course—of the system that will suit your needs and maximize your capabilities.

Regenerative Oxidizers Michigan

What does it mean to say “an oxidizer from Perceptive Industries can change the way your business works”? Well, that statement is true, and the change is positive. We will unpack that statement by explaining what our oxidizers do. We carry regenerative thermal oxidizers, as well as catalytic oxidizers and a few other types. This blog will first focus on the regenerative thermal oxidizer.

                Our Regenerative Oxidizers come in 2, 2.5, and 3 chamber designs, so that we are able to suit your needs best. These thermal oxidizers, regardless of chamber number, are able to reduce air pollution and create more environmentally friendly exhaust out of your business’s production line. So the regenerative thermal oxidizer treats exhaust air from an industrial line. It is a system which uses ceramic material to absorb heat from the exhaust gas and use the captured heat to preheat the incoming process gas stream. It operates with very high temperatures from gasses, and it also destroys air pollutants that are coming out of the exhaust air.

                Gas streams involved in thermal oxidizers are usually produced by processes requiring ventilation, which you’ll find typically in paint booths, printing, and paper manufacturing. Waste treatment facilities are also required to use regenerative thermal oxidizers in certain countries. You can research biofilters and bios rubbers of similar products and weigh your pros and cons.  If you install one of these systems, you’ll be happy to be guilt-free and running everything as it should be run, environmentally-responsibly and with efficiency.